Book Review

Great book that anyone can enjoy even though it is made for children.


Liza Hempstock in The Graveyard Book 

Character Analysis

Liza Hempstock is young witch ghost whose been buried without headstone. When story’s hero Nobody Owens meets her and hears her story, he decides to get her on. While trying to get the money to Liza’s headstone Body gets into trouble but she managed to save him and they became friends.

My opinion is that Liza has a little crush on Body and that’s why example she didn’t speak to him when he hang with the living girl named Scarlett. Otherwise Liza seemed to act really mature, which might had come from that she had been dead for awhile, by talking very sure about many things like Body’s leg injury. But when Nobody asked about her headstone she seemed more childlike.

Even though Liza sometime didn’t talk to Body or really spent much time with him she still were nice to him she saved Body, although at the time being they didn’t know each other very well, and  danced whit him in the Macabray.        

So I come up with the expression that Liza is very nice girl, when she don’t want to curse you, but sometimes jealous who just want to have headstone with a big E for Elizabeth, like the queen, and big H for Hempstock.    

Challenging Words

lungful=keuhkojen täydeltä